Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buzz Eden fantasys: Sexy Lingerie

                                                            Sexy Lingerie by Edenfantasys
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                                                     Romantic lace babydoll

Christina's Voice:With these hot humid days why don't you head on over to EdenFantasys and take a look at this inexpensive baby doll lingerie which should defiantly get your husband in the mood. With it being light weight and feels like you barely have anything on. This one size fits all product is made out of see-through lace, and comes with a G-string which is also made of the same lace material. This product fit me just fine, im a size 11 in jeans and weight about 174. but, you may want to check out there size chart to make sure this one size fits all would fit you.There are no strings attached so its easy to put on and easy to take off. This item is really exrotic and should set the mood no matter what time it is.This babydoll outfit comes in two different colors. ( Black and Red) You can buy one today for $10.99.( Product code: LA8782B) Dont forget to check out other baby doll lingeries. To spice the night up just a little bit more light a passion candle to give you that great aroma smell of apricot in the air.Edenfantasys is a online website that offers sex toys, sexy lingerie, down to condoms for safe sex. and much much more.

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  1. My wife loves their sexy lingerie. she was so happy when I bought one for our anniversary. I did that for her but it proved to be a very nice gift for me too. I think this is the main reason why men buy sexy lingerie for their wife so why not:P