Tuesday, July 5, 2011

House Party: Budweiser

Do you want to join the party? Why don't you head over to House Party and sign up today. I got selected to host a Budweiser party for my family and friends. Which was actually a good way to get together and have a great time. Budweiser was kind enough to send out this gift package which include.Three large shirts, Three Frisbees,some koozies, A $30 rebate for Budweiser beer and $5 rebates for our guests, a $10 prepaid Visa card for Budweiser beer, a Budweiser platter, beach ball, apron, Budweiser BBQ sauce. With fourth of July right around the corner was the perfect timing for my little get together. Plus Free beer, who would pass that up? with all this stuff from the Budweiser package, it made the party affordable ( that's for sure) To Read more and see more pictures about Christina's Voice Budweiser party Click Grab some BUDS

In 1876 Adolphus Busch perfected The Great American Lager. Budweiser brew masters still faithfully reproduce his classic recipe that yields the refreshing taste that Americans love today.
That classic taste is created with only five ingredients and a 7-step process that includes Beechwood aging and lagering for three weeks.

The life of the party

The cook


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