Thursday, July 21, 2011


ebeanstalk is a great website that sales educational toys for children. Anywhere from ages newborn to 12 years of age. The website is very easy to look over and understand. They have a section "Toy by age"So you can go right to where you need to pretty fast with out having to look for the age group on the toy for your little boy or girl. This website i noticed has great toddler toys. Anything to keep your toddler on the go would have to be a toy from ebeanstalk and a good thing about it they learn as they play. So head on over now to check out toys for 1 year olds  They even have great clearance section as well. Don't forget to check out wooden toys ( yeas they still make them)  You wont have to worry about lead or rust if your kids leaves them outside or in the bath.  I love the layout on very easy to read and look over.

                                                   Little Mommy Scrub a Dub Dub Doll

This is one of my favorite toys located under the age two group. This baby doll comes with a ducky, terrycloth hoodie towel, cute booties for the baby, play bubble bath, all i need now is some water and my playful two year old. This would help my daughter use her imagination and play mommy. You can get this Little mommy scrub a Dub Dub doll for $24.95 $22.49 today.

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