Thursday, June 16, 2011

Product Review: TanSome

TanSome is a Premium body lotion with proprietary time-released tanning agents that when applied per directions,moisturizes, nurtures, and revitalizes your skin while gradually providing a slow,dark,and natural tan withthin 10-14 days. To learn more about TanSome click here.

This product really does work! I have used tanning lotions in the past that gradually are suppose to tan you but they end up turning you more orange than anything. Not TanSome it really does tan you. It doesn't leave that orange look to you skin after applied. Now it does take up to 14 days to acutally see results. So when applied as directed it really does work. This product is FDA approved so its safe to use everyday and get as dark as you like.( but please make sure you follow directions)   If your looking for a tan with out the sun damage This is the product for you. Purchase now and get your money's worth.

 Gradual Tanning
•  Natural Appearance
•  No Orange Color
•  No Streaking
•  Long–Lasting
•  Makes Skin Soft
•  Easy to Apply
•  Fragrance Free or PiƱa Colada
•  Hypoallergenic
•  Non–Comedogenic

To see pictures of real results click here.
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