Thursday, June 16, 2011

Product Review: Moonjar

                    The name Moonjar comes from the idea of “Shooting for the Moon” and creating Big Dreams, along with the ancient custom of placing hopes and dreams in a jar. Today Moonjar is a vibrant young company working to bring financial literacy to children and families around the globe. We believe the time to start the conversation about money is now and the way to start the conversation is through Saving, Spending and Sharing. All our products are trademarked, copyrighted, patented and created with recyclable materials.

This would be the classic moonjar. Its a plastic container that holds money. It has three divided parts with removable lids. the blue section is to save, the red section is to share, and the green is to spend. This moonjar is to help children learn about money. I have a two year old who really doesn't understand the concept of saving. but i have gotten her in a habit of every time i give her money ( she calls coins) she goes and puts them in her money jar. rather than knowing which section she put them in, she doesn't so she just drops them in which ever slot she wants. ( Hey i have to start somewhere right?) Retail price 25.00

Also includes a Moonjar Band so that you can keep your three-part moneybox together. A passbook to help keep track of those deposits and with drawls ( great for adults and working teens) A Family guide which is a step by step guide with advice and ideas that encourage life long learning.

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