Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Review Sticker You

Sticker You: Create and purchase your own custom stickers. High-quality, removable, vinyl stickers - the really good ones. Get started with our artwork, or upload your own logo or image - it's easy. Your stickers will be printed, die-cut, and shipped to your door in about a week.

Sticker you is a great website where you can have any sticker designed, and customized. You can pick from colors to backgrounds to size and shape.They even have ready made stickers so if your not that creative you can pick one that's already made.

Different types of Stickers they offer:
  1. Vinyl
  2. water resistant
  3. Die- cut
  4. padding around die-cut
  5. sun resistant
  6. removable

This is my stickers my husband picked out!

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