Thursday, May 26, 2011

Product Review: BumBoosa

Bum Boosa Bamboo Products was launched in 2009 by two moms interested in making a difference in the world by creating products to replace commonly used disposable products. Co-founder and President Sonja Sheasley had been researching the idea of creating baby wipes from a sustainable, bio-based material which led her to learn of all of the wonderful properties of bamboo. Armed with this knowledge and her experience studying read more.

Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes: These soft naturally scented baby wipes, really do the work. Not only do they clean my two year old booty, I use them to in the car, or to wipe her sticky fingers off. They are scented with a light lavender and sweet oranges. They have NO Alcohol or harsh perservatives. What I thought was unique about Bum Boosa baby wipes that they are bioegradable and it saves trees and water with ever package purchased. This product is perfect for baby sensitive skin.   Retail price: 80count 4.99

Bum Boosa Bamboo Diaper Rash Ointment: This ointment has the smell, which is the light lavender and sweet oranges. The product is a white solid and it goes on clear, its very oily so it doesn't take a lot of ointment to cover the babies bottom. This product is also 100% natural. It contains nourishing plant-based ingredients to help recondition the skin while creating a seal out wetness that can cause rashes.
Retail Price: 4oz  $13.99

Bum Boosa bamboo bathroom Tissue: I had never had 100% bamboo tissue for my bottom. I tell you one thing, it wasn't all that bad. Most toilet paper i have used is 2-ply, but not bamboo bathroom tissue its a nice thick 3-ply, which makes it smooth and soft. This tissue has no fragrance or dyes. Want to know a unique fact? well all the tissue papers are individually wrapped and all are wrapped in recyclable paper- not plastic like most. This product is safe to put in your toilet because its biodegradable and doesn't hard the home septic tanks. breaks down quickly. I would have to say this tissue gets the job done. You get tough jobs done with less work.
Retail price:  6 rolls for $7.55

**Fun Fact: Bum Boosa plant's a tree for every product they sell and offset more than 100% of carbon emissions resulting from their transport. Since 2009. they still have planted more than 26,000 trees **

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