Friday, May 20, 2011

Product Review: Zone Perfect

We believe a creative life is a flavorful life --- and that inspires the way we approach the creation of our products. We believe a nutrition bar can be more than a nutrition bar. With the right amount of creativity – protein, vitamins and minerals can be harmoniously combined with amazingly great taste in a way that was once thought impossible. Suddenly a nutrition bar is something else. Something you can’t wait to eat. To learn more click here.



We believe that a dose of creativity can open a whole new world of possibilities. Like the possibility a nutrition bar can be more than a nutrition bar. By creatively combining protein, vitamins and minerals with delectably sweet and irresistibly salty flavors we've made something completely out of the ordinary. And, after a single bite, you might even say extraordinary.
I received one sample Zone Perfect all natural nutrition bar, which was Cashew Pretzel flavor. It was really good. its wasn't to salty like most peanut bars that i have tried in the pass it also had a sweet taste that i enjoyed to. I will be using my 1.00 off coupon as soon as i get to the store. Who knew something so delicious would fit in a 1.58oz wrapper. It really is Zone perfect, and good for you. Not only do they offer the cashew pretzel flavor, they offer more click here to see.



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  2. Thanks for the info on these, they would be great for the guys to take fishing with them for a bit of energy. I am stopping back and following from the hop and hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Christina, thanks for the Sweet & Salty love! Check out our VIP program ( for coupons. ~Brittany @ZonePerfect