Saturday, May 21, 2011

Product Review: It cosmetics; Nail Love

it Cosmetics was Founded in 2008,Infusing cutting edge anti-aging technology into truly innovative, high performance color cosmetic beauty solutions, that not only solve problems but also make women look and feel their most beautiful! It’s 35+ products are creating new categories in beauty innovation and efficacy. This year alone, IT Cosmetics has been featured in 200+ media publications and Television

Nail Love - Is a nail and cuticle oil pen. This is one of there newest additions to IT Cometics' collection. It treas and conditions the cuticles and strengthens nails, which has exclusive formula that has anti-yellowing complex. When I first received this, Its one of those you have read the instruction because i felt like i didn't know what i was doing, the oil that you click took forever to come out i thought i received a dried up one, but it takes time just keep clicking.Once it starts coming out it doesn't take alot to apply to the small nail portion of the fingers.After that you take the sharp rubber pink end and push your cuticles back, which doesn't hurt at all. If they are sensitive you can always soak them in warmish- hot water to soften the cuticles. Then finally rub the excess oil into your cuticles and nail beds. I could already start to see a cleaner more conditioned looking nail. Retail price $12.50.

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