Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review: Teaposy

Teaposy’s line of teas and hand-crafted glassware is the perfect addition to any gourmet retailer’s shelves. Using only the highest quality leaves for their teas, and hand-blown borosilicate glass for each teapot, cup, and warmer, Teaposy creates a tea experience unlike any other. The eye-catching packaging and visually stunning display of the tea will immediately captivate your customers, making Teaposy a product that practically sells itself.

Blooming teas are an ancient art that has only recently begun to draw interest in the United States. Most teas are imported from a province in China known as the Yunnan region.
While blooming or flowering teas are rather expensive comparatively to traditional American teas varieties, they are long-lasting and can often be replenished several times without becoming bitter like many of the oolong and black tea varieties of hot-brewed teas do.

Teaposy is an all new product to me, I knew you could drink tea and it came from different places. But this product really amazed me. My two year old loved it as much as i did. It has all natural ingredients The Teaposy celebrate gift set comes with 8 assorted blooming teas.  butterfly,falling water, heart of love,calendula,crown me,lady fairy, let it snow, red song, spring sonata sachets. ( actually teas may very per set) and a 24 oz glass teapot. I have found a video offline that i am going to show you, for some reason it wont let me load my video. I will have to come back to update my readers on my own video soon. MY favorite one is the lady fairy, as seen in the picture above. to watch it pop open and bloom and sink to the bottom its simply amazing.

Directions on Teaposy " blooming your tea"
1. gently place 1 teapost in a  teaposy glass pot
2. fill with boiling water
3. wait patiently  about 3-6 minutes until bloomed.
4. Smile until your tea has reached its desired strength

Live in the USA and wanting to purchase Teaposy or more Click here

I received this product for the purpose of this review

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