Thursday, May 19, 2011

Product Review: nurturme

  Nurturme: Naturally grown and quick dried, these foods maintain more of their
nutritional value and come in light weight, palm-sized pouches.
Nurturing your baby with every nutritional and environmental chance
to thrive is the idea that gave birth to NurturMe baby foods. To learn more about there story click here.

I received four different kinds of NURTURME dried organic babyfood in a convenient pouch. the flavors as seen above are; Scrumptious squash,plump peas, crisp apples, and hearty sweet potatoes. Each 1pouch makes 2.5 oz jar of babyfood. Of course as the child gets older you would add more pouches because they eat more. I have never seen anything like this. the plus side about these organic babyfoods is that drying veggies preserves more phyochemicals and you can add water, formula or even breast milk. Academy of Pediatricians recommends as the optimal food for infant health and development.

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                                         I received these product samples for the purpose of this review. Thank you!

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