Monday, May 23, 2011

Product Review: Liquid Gold and Mj mask

Scott's Liquid Gold one of America's well-known and trusted brands, is proud to be celebrating our 60th Anniversary! In 1951, our President's grandmother bought the Scott's Liquid Gold formula and his dad began batching and bottling the product in the family garage.  He then packed up the product and sold it from the back of station wagon. The success of Scott's Liquid Gold is based on the best, most innovative, high quality and reasonably priced products as well as our extreme dedication to innovation and customer service. To read more Click View more

Clean Screen solution

Clean TV with help of LiquidGold clean screen*

Liquid Gold makes a product for Clean Screen for today's valuable electronics. If you own a flat screen you know you can't just put anything on the screen. I usually just use my feather duster.I never knew how dusty my flat screen TV was until I used this product. Clean Screen comes with this micro-fiber cloth that you spray the cleaner on *Note do not spray it on your tv screen* This microfiber cloth cleans without scratching the surface. Yes the cloth is reusable and washable, but you can use alot, before its time to wash. I loved this product, i would recommend it to anyone who has a flat screen TV, or any similar devices. I recommend this product to anyone with similar devices


Use Clean Screen to clean every screen:
Flat screen TVs
PC monitors
cell phones
digital Cameras
Video Camcorders
navigation devices
MP3 players
DVD's and Cd's

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Treat yourself to a beauty-boosting facial.
Pump up the volume on limp lifeless hair.
Soak away stress-induced body aches and pains.
Soothe those weary legs and feet.
Be caressed with cool, rejuvenating dead sea mud.
Soften up with rich, moisturizing double-thick cream. 
These are just a few of the wonderful benefits to be found in Montagne Jeunesse - the best Europe has to offer in fuss-free, mess-free, stress-free natural beauty care for the face and the body

I received five Montagne Jeunesse facial mask.

Fudge Sauna- which opens & deeply cleanse pores and smells like Vanilla chaude'
Aromatherapy Masque- relaxes and deep cleanses "anti-stress"
HOT Masque- "anti-stress" cleanse and moisturises smells like apricot and almonds
Peel-Off Masque- Deep cleans peel pores smells like cucumber "anti-stress"
Fruit Smoothie- pore cleansing smells like raspberry and mango
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pretty scary huh? but felt so good!

Fruit Smoothie was my favorite

Fruit Smoothie was my favorite. I don't know rather it was the smell, or the feeling it left on my face ( after washed off) I may have to BOTH. I just loved the fruit smoothie mask. You could feel it cleansing your pores as it was drying on your face. When it was time to wash it off you said goodbye to the sweet smell of mango's and raspberry, while leaving your face fresh,clean and smooth. I would recommend this product to anyone who has had a long day, and needs to sit back and relax.

This product i received was from Neoteric Cosmetics Inc.  Which they offer Anti-wrinkle skin creams, anti-aging wrinkle creams, anti-wrinkle eye cream, alpha hydroxy acid skin care products, moisturizing body washes, alpha hydroxy acid body lotion... Anti-blemish skin care... Diabetes skin care cream... Natural, organic massage & bath oils... All natural hair, skin & bath products... Exclusive grooming & skin care products for women and men, all skin types and all skin colors... Lean more  To view the products that this company offers Click View more. 

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  1. My DH would love the Clean Screens! We are always looking for something to clean our tv with!

    BTW... I am also a new GFC follower.
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