Sunday, April 17, 2011

product review: Hard Candy

HardCandy has all different types of cosmetic products for your Face, Nail, Eyes, Lips and body. With its unique names for the colors of the product down to the texture and design.I absolutely love each one of these products. Its like getting a tattoo you can't just get one, you have to keep going back for more. Not only is this like taken a kid in a candy shop. This hard candy is just amazing. Its bold, bright and sparkly is what i love about it.

Glossaholic - Sequin Saturated Shine Lip Gloss: This color i received is called FIREBALL.  This is one out of eight different colors. It really doesn't leave that bright red Madonna look but it does go on thick with that huge Ginormous applicator. Which i love that gets the job done with one swipe across the lips.Suppose to make your lips plump, but i have small lips i doubt they can get plump with out plastic surgery. I love the taste of this lip gloss as well. I couldn't help but to lick my lips. You can wear alone or as a top coat.  for other lip products click "hardcandy lips"
Hide & Glow Cheek - Cheek Tint Duos: This is also one of two different colors, this one is called  315 in love.It doesn't go on like clown make up. It brightens cheeks for a just pinched natural flush. You can wear them alone or blend the two colors top and bottom together.
For other face products click here "hardcandy face"
So Baked Bronze: This is one of four different colors. This one is called 130 tropics. Which for my skin tone is a little to dark right now. but applying it very little and rubbing it in with your fingers or sponge it works great for a bronze. It goes on silky and smooth and gives you that sun-kissed glow.You can also wet this product for a more intense sun-goddess glow, which is something i learned new. For other face products click here "hardcandy face"
I received monkey brains from hardcandy, but I don't think they sale it just yet. or maybe they are advertising for monkey brains. but by clicking the links you can get more information on this product.
Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows kids to be kids. To be fun, be cool and be themselves. Monkey Brains is a new collection of hair care that allows you to express yourself. To be fun, be cool and be yourself! Look around. How many styles do you spot everyday: spikes, fauxhawks, and controlled messiness... Everyone you see is sporting an individual look! With 2 Gels, 2 Glues, a Pomade, a Hair Refresher and a Shampoo and Conditioner you will be able to rock whatever hairstyle you're feelin' at that moment.One day you don't feel like getting in the shower and the next you're searching for the hair gel. But you're confident about how you want to look on any given day. Monkey Brains gives you the tools to look cool and have fun doing it.
I recievethe super sticky hair gel. which comes out clear and has a wonderful smell. I used them both on my brother and my daughter. It was so fun using this product we had there hair in so many wacky ways. the hair gel is more gooey than i thought i would be. and took longer to dry. But the grease monkey hair pomade was the best, It had a thick rubbery texture to it and the color purple went on clear the smell was the same as the hair gel.. i liked it better to than the hair gel because you didn't have to use it as much, and your hair was just twisted and pulled every which way and it would hold strong. When going to wash it out i had to wash my little girls hair twice because its really really thick and we probably used more than we should have, but it was fun! To see other hair products click here!

Different hair styles with monkey brains hair products!!!

Monkey Brains

i received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review

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