Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Review: Beautyfix beauty items

With Beautyfix, you receive up to $400 worth of products every season for just $49.99! Simply complete your beauty profile and our panel of experts will recommend products just for you. You'll choose the 8 products you want shipped to your door! To learn how to set up your beauty fix profile click beauty.
So a little bit of information on the product in the picture.

  1. Nick Chavez Body Building Spray 10oz. This product comes out in a fine mist, and give you that hold that your looking for with out the sticky or stiff feeling.Good thing about this product the more you use the more body you can achieve!! it builds incredible thickness, soft bounce hair with that flexible hold.
  2. Collagen Marine Cream 0.5fl This product helps to improve suppleness,firmness,and elasticity while providing free- radical protection.
  3. Optical Illusions Colore-Corrector Pen - 0.07fl oz.-The color is called "Dust In The Wind " The smooth texture and sponge applicator felt good against the eye lids.I love how its a cream-to-powder shadow.
  4. Sun forgettable Mini Orb - Almost like a Clear Shimmer.It's SPF 30 mineral powder which is easy to apply without making your skin feel greasy or sticky. I apply it right after my moisturizer.
  5. La Bella Donna Co-exist Gel Creme Deluxe Sample 0.1oz. which comes with this little plastic applicator. It doesn't take much to apply to the neck,forehead or cheeks.It's an anti-aging gel creme. It takes very little and you massaged it into skin.
  6. Bio elements Sleepwear 0.25fl oz.this is another anti aging creme, but this one you apply at night before bed.
  7. one Beautyfix Beautyfix Large Cosmetics Bag. This bag is nice and pretty big. It  holds that 10oz bottle of hairspray. It has a nice zipper at the top to zip your makeup and beauty products all together.
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 I enjoyed review these products. The great deals that you get is so worth the extra value of this product line. Will defiantly be buying more from

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                                i received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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