Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: instant breast lifts and scented messages from the heart

 Bring It Up Instant Lifts were designed to open up tired, droopy eyes and help smooth out crow's feet. They can instantly tighten
and tone a sagging neckline and can even give a perky lift to our not-so-perky bust lines.READMORE

Christina's Voice:
Bring it up is a great product to give you that lift with out it being noticed. Most women when they get older they start to just fall apart and gravity lets lose. With bring it up they have an instant breast lift which is transparent, waterproof and gives you a great lift. Great product to use on strapless shirts  and dresses. 

Christina's voice:
The Double talks is a scented message from the heart. The ones i received say 99%angel, text me, and crazy4 u. They are really nice and smell so good. easy to apply and remove. Great way to add a little spice to the bedroom that's forsure. 


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