Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review : Grace Adele Take me purple -bag

 We all want to be that woman. You know who we’re talking about: She enters a room and owns it. She’s put together, but not overly so. She walks that fine line between trendy and classic, polished and effortless, stunning and approachable. Or she veers outside the lines and still gets it right. And she makes it look so … easy. Read more

 Christina's Voice:
Grace Adele offers anything from hand bags to earrings to match very nice and fashionable website. You can choose from different sizes,styles, and prints. Cheetah print is really in high demand when it comes to the fashion industry. This purse is called a hand bag, it seems really big compared to the picture, but i love it i can store anything and everything in it.
The front comes off and has to clips on the back where you can make it a clutch purse.
This would be a really nice cheetah chain purse or keep small make up items in there.
This would be the inside, as you see it has many pockets where you can store lots of our girly needs. The outside of the purse has a purple tint but sitting right next to me here on the desk, it looks black so i would say this is a very dark purple purse.

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