Monday, January 21, 2013

review: Empower core ball, dumbbells and waste trimmer

 Empower Fitness offers a realistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle. By incorporating fitness, nutrition, and wellness expertise, Empower motivates and inspires women to be active, healthy, and strong.

Christina's voice:
In the above picture there are three items from all used for fitness for women who are looking to keep there self healthy or to better there selves. I find that each product was very useful on using to stay fit. My favorite was the core ball. All easy to use and came with directions if you didn't know how to use them.

  • Core ball comes with a sheet of paper that has the works out on it and a DVD which ever you prefer to use while using the core ball. The core ball targets the abs, back,butt and Your posture. I also learned that the core ball goes on your height, which is something i learned i thought you just bought the workout ball on your desire of harder workout, but no, you go on your height which determines how but the ball should be.
  • Waist trimmer belt which is velcro around you waste. This product is to help retain body heat to shed that excess water during an exercise. It's very comfy and stretchable. The fun fashion lets you wear it over your clothes, but still can be worn under if you prefer. I found that it doesn't slide up and down it stays put and you can feel the heat from working out, which is the good thing because it meant to help shed the weight from your mid-area. 
  • 5lbs dumbbells which comes with a hold and easy to grip handles Great way to start off your workout. You dont want to start off with to heavy dumbells so i would recommend 3-5lbs and then move yourself up.

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 Thanks to empower fitness i was able to review these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. -thank you


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