Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Chaz Sunshine Le Ninja Tee

 Le Ninja is French for "The Ninja" (everything sounds better in French, right?) but we're not talking about those super cool masked-faced warriors who throw stars and play with nun-chucks-though they're pretty awesome.

Chaz Sunshine Le Ninja Tee

Christina's Voice:

 The Chaz Sunshine Le Ninja Tee is made out of 100% sheer jersey cotton. I love the fact it is tag less because the tags really bother me and i end up cutting them out. The design on the shirt is really nice, giving you that ninja print as well. The shirt is true to fit, but was pretty thin, ( I guess that's why it explains the sheer part) but very comfy. Le Ninja offer men and women shirts. This shirt is great to wear during the summer or spring because the material isn't that heavy or thing. I would recommend this shirt for yourself or a friend.

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