Friday, December 7, 2012

Review/Giveaway Moringa Oleifera

Grenera Nutrients Inc is a pioneer in the manufacturing and distributor of health foods.Moringa Products are the flagship product of our company.We are the leading manufacturer of Moringa Capsules,Moringa Powder,Moringa Oil and Moringa Tea.

Christina's Voice:
 Moringa Oleifera make herbal tea bags which come in individual tea bags, so you can either make it by the cup or by the gallon. This tea in the pouch has a green color to it, im sure its from being camellia sinesis plant. The moringa tea is filled with potent antididant that is great for the body. I learned that this is way better than green tea, when it come to the fact of being healthy for you. I added honey with mine and i loved it..

Christina's voice:
Nutrient dense whole food comes in a pill form from Moringa and is great for a dietary supplement. It is known for the vegetable source of protein. which contains 18 amino acids and including all 8 essential amino acids. The capsules are huge but they are easy to swallow.

Christina's Voice:
Moringa also make an oil that is actually used for many uses. It is great for the skin and hair care and makes an excellent massage oil if you ask me. reading more onto it i learned that its good for wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

 ** Thanks to Moringa Oleifera they are letting me offer my readers the same three products.( see below for more details ) **

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