Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Humerus the funny bone

 Humerus the Funny Bone, from The Drew Oliver Company, makers of the hugely popular GIANTmicrobes! Armed with dozens of hysterical jokes, Humerus the Funny Bone is a new toy that will have you falling down from his hilarious stand-up! Humerus the Funny Bone tells a side-splitting knee-slapper every time you clap for him!  A must-have for adults and kids of all ages—and anyone with a funny bone! Comes packaged in his own Comedy Stage Gift Box!

Christina's voice:
Humerus the funny bone is really funny. The little jokes that it tells, and to top it off its an actual funny bone dressed up telling funny bone jokes. That just cracks me up. You dont have to install batteries because it comes with some If you can't find anything for a certain person in your family, and they can take a joke this would be a really funny gift to get them. Check out the funny jokes.

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