Monday, December 10, 2012

Review: Boxer iphone 4 (4S) cases

Make a Statement with Your iPhone – Honor Your Dog and Give Back:
Steadfast Friends Launches iPhone Cases with 23 Breed Silhouettes for the Holiday Season, and Donates 10% of all Revenue to Canine-Focused Charities
Temporary Tattoos Also Available in 73 Breeds, in over 107 Silhouettes
PARK CITY, Utah (November 19, 2012)Steadfast Friends, a family-owned company offering canine-centric gifts for pet lovers, has launched a line of iPhone 4 & 4S cases to honor many of the breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Available in 23 breed silhouettes, the soft silicone cases come in three different color combinations and can be purchased at for $30.00 plus tax, with free shipping.
Led by founder Greg Malcolm, the company is solely focused on dogs and the people who love them. Steadfast Friends strives to provide original ways to “Honor Your Dog” and its unique line of products, which currently includes temporary tattoos and iPhone cases, features distinctive, hand-cut silhouettes of the world’s favorite dog breeds. In honor of dogs, Steadfast Friends donates 10 percent of revenue from each sale to their canine-driven Charity Partners. Customers can direct a donation resulting from their purchase to any of Steadfast Friends' Charity Partners.
Damaged iPhones have cost Americans $5.9 billion since their introduction in 2007, according to a recent study by mobile device insurer SquareTrade. The study also found that 30 percent of iPhone users have damaged their devices in the last 12 months alone. Protective cases can help reduce damage. Sharing the love of one’s dog on an iPhone case is a way to be both practical and pet-proud.
“We love our dogs and are always searching for ways to express our affection for our four-legged family members,” said Malcolm. “Our products let you honor your dog and show the world the high regard you have for your canine companions. The iPhone cases show the hand-cut silhouette of your dog’s breed in a sleek design, and our temporary tattoos are a fun way to further show your love for dogs with even more breeds available, for kids and adults, too.”
Just in time for the upcoming holiday season and perfect as stocking stuffers, Steadfast Friends sells the iPhone cases and temporary tattoos on its website at
About Steadfast Friends
Founded in 2012, Steadfast Friends ( is a family-owned and operated business offering a unique line of products featuring distinctive hand-cut silhouettes of dog breeds. Greg Malcolm and his daughters Ashley Laakso and Nikki Malcolm started the company with temporary tattoos for kids and adults to celebrate their love of dog breeds. With the 2012 holiday season around the corner, Steadfast Friends now sells iPhone 4 & 4S cases featuring many breeds so that dog parents can show their love and loyalty to their pets. The company’s “Honor Your Dog” philosophy extends to its corporate giving policy; Steadfast Friends donates 10 percent of all revenue to canine-driven charities. Visit Steadfast Friends online at, on Facebook at or on Pinterest at

Christina's Voice:
 Steadfast friends make iphone cases for us pet lovers. I have a boxer so i was able to review three different colored iphone4 (4S) phone covers, with the boxer on the back. They actually have 23 breed sillhouerres like the same as the picture above. The case is made out of soft silicone and comes in three different color combinations, and can be bought at. for $30.00 plus tax, with free shipping.
  In honor of dogs, Steadfast Friends donates 10% of revenue from each sale to their canine-driven Charity Partners. Customers can direct a donation resulting from their purchase to any of Steadfast Friends' Charity Partners. In addition to the iPhone cases, Steadfast Friends’ unique product line also includes temporary tattoos of 73 breeds in over 107 different distinctive.

·    American Staffordshire Terrier
·    Beagle
·    Boston Terrier
·    Boxer
·    Bulldog
·    Chihuahua
·    Cockapoo
·    Dachshund
·    Doberman Pinscher
·    French Bulldog
·    German Shepherd
·    German Shorthaired Pointer

 ·    Golden Retriever
·    Great Dane
·    Labrador Retriever
·    Miniature Schnauzer
·    Pomeranian
·    Poodle
·    Pug
·    Rottweiler
·    Shih Tzu
·    Siberian Husky
·    Yorkshire Terrier


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  1. Nice iPhone covers and sleeves. Are they available for shipping right away or do I have to wait for an order placement and for shipping days?