Monday, December 17, 2012

Necklace Clasp Cover

Avoid Damaged Hair with the New Calipz Necklace Clasp Cover - the Best New Product for Hair in 2013

Calipz is a new fashion accessory that covers a necklace clasp to ensure women with medium-to-long hair will never suffer from having their hair matted in a tangled mess. It’s the first fashion accessory that also is hair care treatment – guarding against damaged hair and knots. Presently available in clear, Calipz is a crowdfund project and it will be available soon in silver and gold, glitter, colors and different sizes. It’s the perfect gift when giving someone of any age with long hair a necklace and is a must-have bridal accessory.

December 10, 2012 – One of the best new hair care products for 2013 also is a fashion accessory. Calipz necklace clasp cover wraps around the clasp to ensure anyone with medium-to-long hair never has hair matted and snarled again. Damaged hair can be completely avoided just by adding Calipz to a necklace clasp. This new fashion accessory was designed and created by Victorious Solutions LLC, a New York-based, woman-owned business. The company presently is crowdfunding their Calipz project and orders placed now at will be shipped in February 2013. Now available in clear, Calipz will soon be available in silver and gold, glitter, colors and different sizes.
“We’re excited to offer Calipz to the millions of girls, teens and women who have suffered from the painful tangles, matted hair and even hair loss that most necklace clasps can cause for those with medium-to-long hair,” said Victorious Solutions LLC CEO Victoria Neale. “Sometimes the best hair care treatment for damaged hair is simply prevention. Our new Calipz will be one of the best hair products in 2013 because it is a very affordable way for women to avoid damaged hair – and the sorrow and aggravation of literally having to cut matted hair,” concluded Neale.
The Calipz project is being crowdfunded on where the pricing is as follows:
  •     $1 “donation”
  •     $5 for 1 Calipz
  •     $10 for a 3-pack of Calipz
  •     $30 for a case (a case contains six 3-packs of Calipz)
Calipz is a fashion accessory that makes a great gift or bridal accessory. It’s perfect for the young girl receiving her first necklace, a trendy teen, or the busy working professional, Mom or any woman who wears necklaces with medium-to-long hair. Men who are picking out a necklace as a gift for their girlfriend, wife, sister or Mom will appreciate knowing their present is complete with the addition of a Calipz. The clasp of the necklace will also be protected from breaking by eliminating the hair tugging and pulling that usually results in a broken necklace.


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