Monday, November 19, 2012

Review/Giveaway Enviro-Log

 Enviro-Log, Inc.’s mission is to exceed customers’ expectations while putting them on the path to zero waste. As the largest recycler of waxed cardboard in the U.S., Enviro-Log diverts thousands of tons of waste from landfills every year. This recycling effort reduces Enviro-Log’s retail partners’ environmental impact and in-turn, turns their waste into useful and appealing products for consumers.

Christina's Voice:
Enviro-log is a earth friendly fire wood it is made from 100% recycled wax cardboard. Safe for fireplaces,woodstoves, chiminease and campfires. We used ours as a campfire and let my little girl roast her first mashmellow over it. I dont know if she loved just playing in the fire more or actually eating the marshmellows. I love the fact that it produces more heat than your normal wood and it burns cleaner then wood to. Easy to light, which you just light the bag and watch it go.. we added more wood to our pile, but you dont have to with this. Burns up to 3 hours per log, which i didn't time because we was having so much fun. 

Thanks to Enviro-Log one lucky winner can win " A case of size - 5lb fire logs." See below for low entries and details <3 Thank you

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  1. is it a rafflecopter giveaway? I don't see an entry form :(

  2. yes its rafflecopter it actually starts tomorrow..... give it a min to load at least that's how it did me.- christina