Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: Mascara Warmer

 For decades, hairstylists have been using Godefroy to effectively cover the most resistant gray hair on brows, beards, mustaches and side burns.  From this foundation we have been able to deliver exceptional products with proven results to salons and spas.

 Christina's Voice:
The Mascara Warmer from Godefroy was the first actual masvara warmer i have ever seen or heard about. I always have a lighter in my bag for my eye liner, because it goes on smooth when it's warm, but i never thought about my mascara. The warmer eliminates clumping on lashes for easy application. Which also helps create a professional curl on lashes when applied. I love that it warms up quickly because im not the type of girl to take forever trying to apply my face. This device works with all brands of mascara. This product will be great gift for yourself of friend/family.


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  1. I have heard something about warming mascara before applying it, but I don't remember how they did it. Maybe a lighter or a hair dryer? I've never heard of a warmer, though! Very interesting!