Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review/Giveaway PB Crave all natural peanut butter

 PB Crave is a subsidiary of Sweet Harvest Foods, a nearly 90 year old company located in Minnesota. A new and separate plant was built to craft the dizzying blends of premium peanut butters using cutting edge technology and innovation to insure that top quality ingredients reach the package and the consumer in the form they were blended. When you open a jar, you’ll see the pure Belgium chips, yet when you spread the product on bread, it will spread deliciously smooth with little to zero chunks. This craft has been perfected and consumers have given the product rave reviews for taste, quality, and price, especially when you factor in, No Jelly needed.

Christina's voice:
 PB Crave is an all natural peanut butter which means its all natural oils are from peanuts and pal fruit oil, which is where is separates from the peanut butter and other ingredients over time. Since its all natural you can see the oils settling on top, so i just got a spoon and stirred it up and then it looked normal. I loved the Choco Choco kind while my daughter went bananas over the coco banana flavor. We tried it out over toasted wheat bread, but i am sure it will be good over many of other things.

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    left a comment on the Send a flying card review post. I like the New Orleans Saints NFL Team and the Razzle Dazzle PB Crave sounds delicious!

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  2. Odd question, but I like the Cowboys!

  3. i have loved the broncos for a long time, but with tebow in ny, i gotta pull for them too now!

  4. Commented here:
    I'm a Dolphins Fan!