Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review/Giveaway: NICOmate Premium electronic cigarettes

 NICOMATE To develop, create and market a premium electronic cigarettes to the persecuted smoker and those seeking to quit harsh tobacco all together.

 Christina's Voice:

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes by NICOmate was a great product to introduce to someone to the premium smoking alternative. These disposable ecigarettes are great for my daddy who is trying to stop smoking, and he has been smoking for 20 plus years. They are ready to use straight out the box and requires no assembly or charging. I like the fact that they don't have that nasty cigarette smell. The ecigarettes generate more than 400 puffs, that's nearly a pack and a half of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

 Once these electronic cigarettes are done with you can just throw them away, they are not rechargeable and always ready to use out of the box. My daddy has used this product and was asking about where to get more. He said he can tell they are working and they really do get away that crave for a real cigarette.

  •  Retail Value: $24.95 buy now ( and yes they come in menthol to)

 Exclusive Trail offer: 
 For those of you who wish to purchase a full kit but are hesitant on making the investment we offer a 2 week free trial that requires you  to pay a shipping and handling fee of $14.95. They have a 2 week time frame to try the product out and send it back if they feel it’s not a good fit for them. If they choose to keep the product they will be charged $89.95 which will be applied 20 days after their initial order date if NICOmate has either not received a returned package or one was returned with a post mark after the 14th day. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

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  1. I would love to have this for my husband. He has been smoking for 20 years. I quite smoking (except when I drink and that isn't very often) and now I would love to see him making changes in his smoking habits. I didn't realize how bad cigs smell until I quit. This would be good for both of us. :)

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  2. My mom has been smoking her whole life!


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    I quit smoking in February of this year and smoked for a total of 26 years. My son however, is trying to quit smoking and could really use this. Thanks :)

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