Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rjay's Freebies hosting suprise 10 giveaway for month of September

Rjay's Freebies is hosting a Surprise 10 gift giveaway for the month of September!

For the longest time I have been doing a daily giveaway and I've decied it's time we take the prizes to the next level. Starting in September Rjay's freebies will be doing a monthly giveaway every month!
Here's some hints for you:
Gift 1- Well this is just as cute as can be and is for ages 6-10yrs.
Gift 2- Usually without a clasp, often worn high up round the arm or sometimes    round the ankle
 Gift 3- Some thing shiny
Gift 4- Gold
Gift 5- blue attached to a string

Gift 5- Pink that carries true heart

 Gift 6- Religious
Gift7- White
Gift 8- Has lots of beads
Gift 9- light weight
Gift 10- has a sun on it

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Rjay's Freebies is looking for some bloggers to help promote this giveaway at least 10x through the giveaway. In Return I will give you a free Facebook link on the RC. All posts need to be up and running by you summitting this form. I will verify your post. If you don't have a post up then your link will be removed. The HTML code is above this order form. Sign ups will be open through out this giveaway. You can purchase any extra links for $1 each. Send PayPal payment to as a gift. You can choose FB, Twitter, Pinterest, PF vote, email follow, newtworked blogs, Google +, Klout or any one click votes ~ Make sure your info is filled out correctly or I will just delete your entry and move on~ Want to keep up with my ops then keep your eyes on my blogger ops page:
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