Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: Cake Lingerie " Vanilla Cream" Bra

Shortbread bras, Toffee camisoles and Apple Crumble nightwear. Cake Lingerie brings you delicious fabrics and indulgent details that give you a taste of your individual self. Within the practical world of pregnancy and breastfeeding we find the feminine in you. Although you may be a mother, here you are a woman first.
Feel confident knowing that each item has been innovatively engineered. From our flexible wire bras that mould perfectly to your changing body, to technically constructed soft cups and seamless transition bras. Each piece is as intricately unique as the different stages of your changing body.
Going strong since 2008, Cake Lingerie embodies its sophisticated new look. Strong but subtle, sensual yet familiar & indulgent yet practical! The cherry on the cake: We are proud winners of the prestigious 2011 UK Maternity Brand of the Year Award, for premium luxury and fit perfection.

 Christina's voice:
Cake Lingerie make great well made bra's for pregnant and nursing moms or mothers to be. The style is vanilla cream, which is a creamy color not so much white. It is really nice and fits with a flexible under wire. Sexy with delicate lace.  Made from 100% cotton and plush velvet with cotton -backed straps. It is easy to un-clip and re-clip for breastfeeding. This is a very comfy bra.



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  1. Christina, the bra is pretty, but you look gorgeous!