Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Sauce

On July 18, 2011 we took our Chicken Paprikash to the web and made it available to our customers, allowing you to make perfect paprikash every time.
A chicken paprikash recipe scaled for use at homes or restaurants.
A large paprikash soup recipe for restaurants. 
A recipe for our chicken paprikash sauce, that is simply poured over chicken and spaetzles (or noodles) to make a perfect paprikash dinner.
A recipe for kid friendly paprikash noodles.

Christina’s voice:
Chef Rick’s Chicken Paprikash Seasoning comes in ready to use pouches and makes your chicken taste delicious. It’s perfect paprikash every time no more messy roux’s or slurries.

Chef Rick's Chicken Paprikash Seasoning is a unique blend of seasonings that will allow you to create perfect paprikash... every time.

Our seasonings will thicken the sauce for you, thereby eliminating the need for any messy roux's or slurries.

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