Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review/giveaway: Prevagen - Clearer Thinking

Prevagen improves memory in as soon as 30 days*

Prevagen was tested in a large double-blind, placebo-controlled study using computers to assess brain performance. 218 adults over 40 years old participated in the three month study. Prevagen significantly improved learning, short-term memory, and word recall.

Christina's voice:
So its been 30 days since my mom has tried the Prevagen which is a product used for clearer thinking. This bottle contains a 30 capsules and last of course for 30days ( that means you take one per day). My mom runs a store down in Nashville, so she has a lot on her plate and she does seem to forget a lot of things, and miss place a lot. but she said she noticed with taken prevagen that it has been more clear and she rarely forgets.. so she said they have to be working.

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  • Now available at Walgreen and rite aid

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  1. Thanks for the Prevagen review! As an update, the ABC affiliate in West Palm Beach did a story recently, “Jellyfish: A boon to brain health?” Check it out! http://youtu.be/tUNdqGSo3YM