Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review: Mrs Renfro's food company.

In 1940, with the Depression still a vivid memory, George Renfro took a big risk for a man with a family. He quit his job selling restaurant supplies and condiments. And with little more than sheer determination and the support of his family, George and his wife, Arthurine, co-founded George Renfro Food Company in the garage of their north Fort Worth home. In their new venture, they distributed packaged spices and pepper sauces throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Read more

 Christina's voice:
  • Whole Jalapeno Peppers are really really good you can eat them whole or chop them up. My husband likes them way more than me though. Buy now for $3.25
  • Barbecue sauce was really good on our chicken we had last night its has that sweet hickory taste to it. You can buy now for $3.25.
  • Jalapeno peppers are chipped up really good, and are a big spicy. These are good to add to just about anything everything, i added them to the cheese sauce and we had nachos. Buy now for $3.25.
  • Nacho Cheese sauce is so yummy, i should of requested two jars of these. We poured over some hot chips and added those Jalapeno peppers. But now $3.25
 Rentro food is participating in the giveaway event stay on the look out you get to pick four jars of what ever sauce you may like Stays May 16th- 30th


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