Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bzz Review: Dr Scholls for her high hells insoles

 The makers of Dr. Scholls For Her products are proud to be the first brand to offer a full line of foot care products designed specifically for women. From insoles for your favorite pair of heels to blister products to protect your sensitive skin, the Dr. Scholls For Her product line enables you to enjoy the things you want to do not only the things you need to do by enhancing foot comfort.

 Christina's voice:
I got these Dr Scholl's for her high heel just in time to wear to my little brothers wedding thanks to I love that they are uniquely designed to help with high hell pain. I don't wear heals everyday for the simple fact of the pain at the end of the day, but with Dr Scholl's  makes it possible.This product has a gel arch which shifts the pressure off ball of the foot. I was very satisfied with this product at the end of the day, they stayed in my shoe the whole time with out slipping downwards like i thought they would, and my feet did not hurt at all at the end of the day. Thanks Dr. Scholls and bzzagent.

 Discloser :Thanks to bzzagent i was able to review the following products above for free. i am a natural communicator so im being myself and sharing my opinions. I love being honest


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