Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review/Giveaway Olasonic

 For use at home or on the go with virtually any Windows or Macintosh desktop, laptop or notebook computer, the TW-S7 employs a holistic environmentally friendly design that requires no electrical outlet, consumes only 2.5W of power and delivers 10W+10W high-fidelity sound. Elimination of the power transformer and adoption of a non-laminated molded plastic cabinet that requires no paint or resin has enabled designers to greatly reduce the environmental impact.

Christina's Voice:
The Olasonic TW-57 is are speakers for you computer to help reduce the consumption of power. This product is really good for laptops. It does come USB ready so you can plug it in as you go or leave it plugged in at all times that's up to you.They available in black or white. All you do is simply connect the connect the USB cable and your PC should recognize it so there really no need for complex settings or adjustments. The only bad thing about these speakers that i don't like is that you control the volume on the PC and not the speakers its self. This is an super audio for MAC and PC.

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