Sunday, April 15, 2012

Review: Kovine Leopard rollups with crown shoes

High Heel Pain:
Rollable,foldable, ballerina flats that are comfortable, conventient & chick. A big night out, your wedding, traveling to work, the plane ride or around the office, they're perfect for your tired tootsies.
             Konvine rollable Shoes is a premiere company that has designed a product that takes care of sore feet from wearing high Heels. Our products take the stress and pain from high heels out of your daily routine and provide a comfortable and stylish solution.

 Christina's voice:
I love flats, its spring time going on summer and i just love flats they are so much more cuter than flip flops. Even though i do own a million ( not really) flip flops. These leopard roll up shoes are just so cute. It even has a crown on the top near the toes ( you see the photo right?) and it just glitters in the sun. These shoes are really neat, because say you are wearing those back breaking heels out and the end of the night and you know how your just take them off to walk around? well now with konvine roll up shoes you can just have them in your purse, car,or where ever and unroll them and put them on. I would recommend these to any female wanting to walk around with a little fashion in there life.

 Retail Value: $34.95 BUY NOW

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