Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review:Soapy Soles Elite - Pearl Blue


 Soapy Soles Elite - Pearl Blue
 Soapy Soles Elite-is a 3-in-1 foot care product that scrubs, massages, and indulges your feet with three different surfaces. One cleans, one massages, and one stimulates. The center oval is detachable and can be replaced with the Elite Pumice or Elite Soap Dispenser. 11' x 5" x 1", 9.3 oz. ONE PEARL BLUE SOAPY SOLES ELITE.
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 Christina's voice:
I have seen this thing on TV several times and always wanted to try out one. I think it may have been made a little different but this is much better because it actually has three different things to do with you feet. It has tactile to give the foot a massage and increase circulation back into the foot. the center is a surface for the hell and ball of foot. and then the grass like surface is to clean and scrub you feet. You can add any liquid soap that you want, it does come with one to get you started. It has a place where you can hand up to dry or suction it to the wall when finished.


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