Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Vinyl wall clock

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Christina's voice: 
Katazoom is a online website that sells Online Decals for your wall, vehicle and some floors.Have you ever seen a wall decal clock? Well I came across and found a wall decal, it is very neat and I had to have one. These wall clocks actually work, all you have to do is place a battery into the clock part and your good to go. The decal part was really easy to put on your wall as well. The one in the picture above is the 2 color abstract clock  . With being two different colors I got to pick the colors i wanted. I picked something that matched my room. If your looking for a wall clock then check out something here, I am sure you will find something.

  • Retail value ( for the abstract clock) $ 39.99 buy now
****Thanks to one of my lucky winners will get a $15.00 GC .****


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