Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: TTC Starter kit

Our goal at LeRoche Benicoeur Laboratoire Pharmaceutique is to create scientifically–advanced and effective reproductive support products that truly deliver results. That´s why we´ve researched and invested in the latest proven technologies when creating our monthly reproductive support system, FertiBella. All FertiBella products have been carefully formulated with a consistent goal in mind: enhancing your body’s natural fertility
FertiBella is a proud supporter of breast cancer research, care and prevention. When you purchase a FertiBella starter kit we will donate $1 towards the fight against breast cancer.

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Christina's voice:
The trying to conceive (TTC) starter kit is great for first time moms or even if your planning another child. I can't have any more but my sister-n-law lives right down the road so i let her review the product and have me write about the great journey and process of this kit. She is 28 years old and she is ready for a baby. They have been trying for years for a baby but no success yet. ( i need another nephew or niece) With no insurance and doesn't really have the money to see a fertilizest she is willing to try anything. So she is giving this a chance as we speak. The ovulation strips she pees on first thing in the morning starting about a week after her period. Yesterday (march 3rd) was her first day getting a faint line on the ovulation strips. She said it was east to read and easy to do. She is taken the month one fertibella pills everyday for a week now with food because they will make your tummy a little upset. This week she will be ovulating so i will get back and let you know if she succeeded this month.( COME ON BABY DUST)

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