Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Popcorn Indiana- Bacon Ranch


What should we tell you about ourselves? You’ve probably got some wild online searching or mad social networking to do, so we’ll just keep this simple, short, and sweet. That’s how we roll. We are wildly fanatical about healthier, whole grain snacking. Our mission is to make the best tasting better-for-you snacks on the planet. We have our own facility, filled with honest-to-goodness corn that is specifically grown for popping. We have special kettles that are filled, by hand, one scoop at a time, by real people, who are carefully producing, oh-so-lovingly, the greatest popcorn you’ve ever had. That sentence had a lot of commas, so you know we’re serious. We have popcorn chefs who do nothing but dream up fantastic flavor combinations. What a gig! We live and breathe whole grain snacking!

Christina's voice:
Popcorn Indiana is a company that of course sells popcorn. This all natural bacon ranch popcorn you think, How gross is that? my mom has always told me " Don't knock it until you try it" well this is one of those products, and it ended up being really good. but i will have to say it does leave your breath stinky when you done eating it. but all n all it really is good. Look at other great flavors you might like here.

Bacon Ranch Popcorn

Bacon Ranch popcorn...who knew? We start with the best farm-fresh corn. Then we season it with old-fashioned buttermilk, and an all natural, irresistible bacon flavor; it gives the popcorn that smoky finish that drives us bacon lovers wild. The result is a crunchy, delicious, and insanely flavorful all natural, gluten free snack with whole grains and absolutely zero trans fat. All of the flavor, with none of the guilt! Munch Better.

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