Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: It Works body wraps- REALLY WORKS!!!

           I was sent the ultimate body applicator, which includes 4 body applicators in the box. You can pick which areas you wish to Tighten, Tone and Firm. I was told its best to pick an area you want to work on first and go from there. You can use them pretty much anywhere on your body just not your face. I picked my lower stomach. After having two kids and going through all the stress and anxiety from my little boy being born 10wks early and spending 2 months in the NICU. I had put on a few pounds and i have to admit, I just kinda let myself go. So with that being said i was giving the chance to see if this product really works.
             The Wrap is an all natural piece of non-woven cloth, that is applied to the skin. This product is smooths and hydrates the skin when it is applied. This wrap is meant to pull toxins away from the fat cells, which this is how you lose inches fast. I was told to use the applicator every 72 hours along with drinking lots of water. You can leave this wrap on for 45 mins or longer at a time if you like. With the wrap not going all the way around, and no strings attached its better to buy some saran wrap to hold it in place.
Applied but with no saran wrap
    When having the wrap on you can kinda feel the tightening and relief its giving your body, kinda like a tingle sensation. To me it kinda smells like Vic Vapor rub when applied.  I measured before i put the wrap on, I measured around to the belly button area ( the center) I was 30 inches. The very first time i just left it on 45 mins because i didn't know if i was going to have any type of allergic reaction to the product. ( you never know right?) So after you take the applicator off you just smooth the rest of the gel into your skin. I did measure after the first and second applicator and didn't see any results at all. As far as the appearance i could tell personally just from looking in the mirror. So i didn't want to say this product doesn't work, I just continued with my diet and drinking tons of water along with exerciser. After the third applicator i could really see a difference and i had also lost 4 inches all the way around. This product really does work.      

After 3 applicator-wrap

Along the way i was using the defining body gel  once or twice daily. This
product smells like the same stuff that is in the wraps. but im not sure if its as strong as the stuff in the wrap. When you apply this product you massage it circular like motion until the gel is completely absorbed into the skin. This product left my skin feeling soft, refreshed, and moisturized. Use this product on abdomen,back,legs, and upper arms. 

Now of course along the way with the trying the wraps im on a diet and needing some extra help with that, we all know how a diet is so hard to stick to but once you see results you really want to continue to stick to your diet plan. Itworks has a dietary supplement thatis called Greens that  you can use that really helps you with energy and that hungry feeling. This product comes in a powder like form and is mixed in with your favorite juice or water. I had to take mine with orange juice because the smell alone is so gross. So you already know that orange juice has a tangle taste anyways so it worked out and i was able to take this product with a problem. All you do is mix to little scoops with your favorite juice or water stir and  drink. I would say go on and drink up fast because it will get thick on you which makes it harder to take down. Do not use this product 3-4 hours before bed because its ment to give you energy and when your trying to sleep would not be a good combo.
    I have came to conclusion that this product really does work.

  • It works body wraps also has a facebook fan page where you can see pictures and stories along the way. 

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  1. How fun! I love this kind of stuff and it's nice to know this one works so well!