Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Camelback displays inc website

                       Camelback Displays Inc.

           We have decided to turn the basement of our house into some type of playroom and/or work out area. So i got to looking online fore some trade show flooring or trade show carpet because all that we have down there is bare concrete.So why not add a little style to that bare concrete?  I came across this great website Camelback display inc who offered tons of different types of flooring even logo mats if we wanted to get down and creative with it. With the logo mats you can either pick out what they have or even come up with your own idea, which is one thing i thought was pretty neat. So with that being said we ending up going with the carpet for the play room and the flooring for the work out area. With this product being very affordable we were able to buy both products for a very reasonable price.I love that this was able to add a little style to our imagination. I would recommend anyone who is looking for new flooring look at a affordable price with tons of different styles colors and designs.


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