Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review:/Giveaway: Shavewell fog free mirror

The Shave Well shower mirror has a unique design that offers a clear reflection for a truly fog free shave. The Shave Well mirror removes easily from the wall mounted hook. Simply hold it under the shower for two to three seconds, then rehang and enjoy your shave - fog free!
The adhesive hook affixes to any shower surface holding the shaving mirror solidly in place. No more suction cups falling off of the wall. Also, since The Shave Well mirror is removable from the wall mounted hook it is very easy to clean for a clear reflection each time you use it.

Christina's voice: 
The shavewell mirror was really easy to install all you do is attach this stick back hook to where ever you like in the shower and then the mirror has a whole on the top and you just hook it in there, and it hangs perfectly. Note: to get a perfect truly fog free reflection just warm the mirror up underneath the hot water.  I also learned that toothpaste works best on removing water spots.

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