Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review/Giveaway Kidz Gear

Kidz Gear is about delivering a line of products and accessories with adult product features, performance and quality levels, but available at a price-point in-line with products for children.
As many parents have, I too have purchased “toy” products for my children: headphones, binoculars, flashlights — only to find they were poorly manufactured, using substandard if not even dangerous components and materials. Obviously, I was tired of purchasing toys and could not afford to give my children my “adult” versions of these products. I decided there was a need to meet in the middle with high-quality, fully functional and ergonomically designed products that are value-priced and in the sizes and styles kids will love! Thus the birth of Kidz Gear:

Christina's voice:
KidsGear has headphones for kids they have Wired and Wireless. They are really good headphones, by the way they are not cheap like most kid headphones. They can listen in the car or at home. You can also purchase the carrying cases as well to put the headphones in. They accessories allow you to hook up to any device

Retail Value: Price varies

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