Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review/giveaway Blacksocks

Tracing the History of Socks

Derived from the Latin term soccus, the Old English word socc and the Middle English word socke, socks are a knitted or woven type of hosiery designed to protect and cover the human foot. Socks provide comfort, ease chafing of the foot, protect the foot from perspiration, keep the feet warm and help define personal style.

Christina's Voice: offer tons of socks and underwear for men These silky black socks are great if your going to be wearing some dress shoes and your outfit is black. Who would wear a white outfit with black socks? not me or my husband because we don't want to stand out so black with black is always the way to go. Thanks to we are able to give and host a giveaway for one pair of black socks in your size.

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