Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Sunbaby

At ‘Sunbaby’ we always accept advice from our customers and strive to improve our product. We only pick up quality materials, be it fabric, snaps or elastics to ensure the safety and comfort of the diapers. We were always confident with our materials and when it was sent for a lead test we knew what the result would be, and as expected they were, lead free! We are the only manufacturers and only sellers of Sunbaby Diapers in China, so there is less additional cost added to our products. This allows us to achieve a reasonable price for all moms who want to cloth diaper.

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Christina's voice:
I should of thought about buying cloth diapers with my first child because i didn't realize how much you really do save. I love how they button upon growth to, so you really don't have buy another size. They are really cute to, i think they have the diapers beat. they have a place where you can slide a liner in it for extra protection. and the outside material is waterproof.

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