Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Smart bones

The rawhide dog bone was invented by a man named Fisher in 1961 and proved extremely successful. The rawhide dog-bone market grew consistently for 40 years and nearly 6 of every 10 dogs were being given rawhide bones. In 1997 Mr. Sherrill invented the Dingo Bone. If you don’t already know the story, the Dingo Bone was developed in response to a dog named Dingo, who just didn’t find rawhide appetizing and he would never chew it. Like most dogs, Dingo loved meat jerky, so his owner wrapped the jerky in the rawhide and the rest is history. Obviously, Dingo wasn’t the only dog out there that didn’t like rawhide, especially small dogs who found chewing rawhide a lot of work with not much reward. However, Dingo Chews provided a worthwhile incentive for dogs. The introduction of this new product helped to expand the dog chew market significantly, whereas a decade later, 7 out of 10 dogs are now fed rawhide dog chews read more

Christina's voice:
I normally dont give my dogs this type of stuff because usually the poop everywhere. But they are older and i am looking more for there healthy than have should of been from the start. ( i would truly cry if something happen to them) but these smartbones are really good and actually healthy for your dog(s). They are rawhide free and you can read the message above on that. The dogs did chow them down as soon as i opened them, so im sure they tasted great. Which it says they are atucally made with real chicken breast and peanut butter. One thing i wish i could of done was look more into something healthier for them to chew on rather than them not get anything at all. because now they have bad gums and it can lead to tons of other issues and when you a mom on a budget i should of prevented this along time ago.
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  • Retail Price varies on what product you want.

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