Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Grow with love boutique-baseball boutique-

Grow with love boutique is an online store that sells good quality clothes for children. They are not expensive at all, finally something worth more than your money right? This is the place to shop, the customer service is great as well, they contact you back as soon as you have a question or issue. I love the fact that they have a flat rate shipping anything under hundred dollars is $4.99 and anything over a hundred then shipping is free. They have large selection of clothes ranging from all different sizes and styles. The website is easy to read, and laid out in categories depending on your child ( girl, boy, etc.)
They even have a sale section which you can get a good deal on a good deal. I recommend this site to any parent on a budget but looking to get deal on a deal.

Christina's voice:
The baseball 3-piece outfit comes in sizes 0-6 fits really good on my little one, I like that the material it was made out of you can tell it wasn't that cheap fabric. I love the affordable price, this baseball out fit is $24.00 buy now It comes with everything in the picture ( shirt, pants and socks.)

  • Retail Value $24.00
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  1. Hey just love that outfit on your lil one he is getting so big & he's so adorable :) good review