Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Giant Microbes Valentines heart box

Giantmicrobes are plush dolls that look like common microbes. The product line was introduced in July 2002 and has continued to grow beyond plush toys. The combination of humor, education, and sympathy resonates with parents,children, educators, pediatricians, science buffs and many others.

Christina's Voice:
It's almost valentines day and are you looking for something different to give your love? Why not a box of warming giant microbes? The box inclues Amoeba, Penicillin, Kissing disease, Sperm cell and Egg cell. They are not so giant either, they are micro meaning small. My daughter loves playing with them i am sure you have seen post before with the halloween and christmas. so she is super excited. I try to explain to her which each one is but she is hard headed and doesn't really pay attention when it comes to this. so get your heart warming giant microbes today for only $19.95 buy now

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