Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: CreaClip

                                               This video i just got off youtube this is not me.

Christina's voice:
This is a unique idea and invention."Creaclip" You can use it yourself, or on someone else. Great for cutting side bangs, or layers in your hair. I personally love having side bangs but once they grow out i leave it at that and just when i go get my hair done i tell them i want some more because i always tend to cut them all wrong. This product is different because it has an actual level on it, and it rotates depending on the angle you are looking for. so it worked great on my side bangs. You have a white clip for longer thicker hair, and a blue clip more for short hair or bangs. This is also a great product to use on your little girls bangs, you know how they wont be steal long enough to cut there hair. This will make it fast and east because it just clips right on to the hair and you cut away.

  • Retail value: $29.99
  • CreaClip is located on facebook as well.

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