Friday, February 10, 2012

Review: CocaCola ornament

The earliest in the early 1800’s, as we’ve mentioned in passing,were fruit (particularly apples) and nuts. These, along with the evergreen trees themselves, represented the certainty that life would return in the spring.
Other fruits began to be added, along with paper streamers and bits of shiny metal foil. Whether a tree was lighted or not, the idea of reflecting the light in the room where the tree stood grew in popularity. Read more
Christina's voice:
The coca cola bottles ornament can be customized to what ever you want to be on it there at the bottom. My mom collects coco-cola stuff so thought this product would make a great Christmas gift. I actually got 2012 on the bottom of the ornament so that way she knows when she got it, i think she will love this!
Retail value of this is $13.95 buy now
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  1. Following you back from the Winter hop.

    Thanks for reading! That coke ornament is adorable.

  2. Oh I love this so much!!! My mom is a Coca Cola collector, I'm going to have to get this for her.