Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: All natural cough syrup and baby chest rub

n 1996, my daughter Maty was born with severe heart defects. And to make matters worse, she was born without a spleen. It was a challenging time for our family. By age five she underwent three complex surgeries to repair her heart. Although her heart was mended, she was left with difficult medical issues and a weakened immune system. Her condition made her vulnerable. Read more about the story of Maty's.

Christina's voice:
The All Natural Cough Syrup is developed to treat children's cough for ages one and up. This syrup begins with real antioxidant Rich buckwheat honey. This is the only caramel banana taste syrup i have ever tried. I also like that it has 9 different immune support ingredients. This product is great for my three year old to help those coughs at night that she stays getting.
** A leading university study showed buckwheat honey is effective at improving respiratory function.
It found this had a positive effect on the sleep quality of the participating children as well as their parents.

Buy now $8.99 for 4oz bottle

Christina's voice:
All natural Baby Chest Rub helps smoothing baby chest and helps them sleep way better at night. one thing that i love about this product is that is menthol free. This product can be used for babies 3months and older. You can also put this on the bottom of there feet at night, that's what my mom always did to us when we had a cough and wasn't old enough for medicine. This product is white but goes on clear.

Buy now $7.99

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